The Radio Planet

$ 3.00

Author: Ralph Milne Farley
Publisher: Ace F312
Year: 1965 Print: 1 Cover Price: $.40
Condition: Good Plus. Light wear. Solid
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 224

When Myles Cabot, inventor of radio transmission of matter, returned to Venus he found himself alone on an unknown continent on that alien planet. To get back to his old headquarters and his loved ones presented some apparently impossible problems. He’d have to settle a war between the near-primitive natives and an unholy alliance of monsters, dinosaurs, and giant insects. He’d have to build an electronic device from raw rocks and untapped resources. And if he could succeed in all that, he’d still have to find his way home and fight off a usurper’s diabolic conspiracy. But Myles Cabot didn’t know the meaning of the word impossible!

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