The Counterfeit Traitor

$ 10.00

Author: Alexander Klein
Publisher: Perma M4122
Year: 1962
Print: 3
Cover Price: $.35
Condition: Very Good. Reading crease. Slight tanning.
Genre: Espionage
SKU: 40116171E

Classic WWII spy novel: "To a few trusted Allied intelligence officers he was our most valuable spy. To the rest he was a Nazi collaborator and a hated opportunist. his was a dual role unparalleled in the history of espionage. once he had to play the lover to an ardent Nazi widow who unwittingly held the key to his survival. Once he was force to witness and to approve the execution of a beautiful woman who had been his confederate -- and his mistress. And once he had to exchange polite conversation with Heinrich Himmler himself about Nazi invincibility."


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