The Case of the Fugitive Nurse

$ 10.00

Author: Erle Stanley Gardner
Publisher: Pocket 6045
Year: 1960 Print: 3 Cover Price: $.35
Condition: Very Good. Light wear
Genre: Fiction/Mystery
Pages: 196
SKU: 50122031E

Death And Taxes... And Murder?

The affairs of her husband -- financial and otherwise -- are what concern Steffanie Malden. The young and stunning bride of a prominent physician killed in a private plane crash, the widow Malden stands to inherit more than just a sizable estate. Unfortunately, she's also the unwilling heir to an IRS investigation. It appears that the deceased was squirreling away a king's ransom in undeclared cash -- with the able assistance of his head nurse and secret paramour, Gladys Foss.

Mrs. Malden wants Mason to flush out Miss Foss and recover the AWOL income -- without trouble from the taxman. But when she's suddenly charged with engineering her husband's death, the matter turns from the monetary to the murderous. Stuck in the middle, Mason must match wits with both sides of the law, to find out just who got the doctor slaughtered....

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