Paradise Rezoned

$ 10.00

Author: Robert Lieberman
Publisher: Berkley D2681
Year: 1974 Print: 1 Cover Price: $1.50
Condition:  Very Good Plus. Light wear. Solid. 
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 222
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 A gripping tale of man versus developers that took college campuses by storm with over 400,000 copies in print. Written by best-selling novelist and award-winning film director Robert H. Lieberman, “Paradise Rezoned” has become a cult classic. King of the mountain— that’s Arnold Markowitz. His mountaintop home is a peaceful stretch of land covered with orchards, wild flowers and towering trees. But there isn’t much room left for beauty these days as a land-development corporation is intent on surrounding his paradise with a sprawling shopping mall. With Markowitz taking on the powers that be, this classic tale takes unexpected twists and turns. New York Times - "Mr. Lieberman has a sharp eye for the incongruous and the humor that can accompany desperate happenings." Newsweek - "Paradise Rezoned has hit the jackpot in paper with sales of 300,000 in the first three months."

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