My Lustful Adventures

$ 12.00

Author: Harry Temple
Publisher: Venus Library V1108
Year: 1972 Print: 1 Cover Price: $2.25
Condition: Very Good. Light wear 
Genre: Adult Fiction
Cover by  
Pages: 287

When young Harry gallantly comes to the rescue of two woman, helpless at the hands of two ruffians intent on plundering and ravaging their persons, daughter Rose and mother Ethel are only too willing to invite their young hero back to their redbrick mansion for a grand display of gratitude. Much to his surprise, Harry soon finds his personage wedged between the two globes of Ethel's substantial bosom, with Rose's tongue in his mouth, and a dainty finger in his... oh my. What follows is a two day display of Bacchanalian proportions as Harry is made “to spend” numerously and variously for mistress, maiden, and even maids. This raucous tale of revelry and debauchery tips a fine hat to the excesses of the enlightened sexual freedom and abandon of post-Victorian England's high society, far from prudish and further from proper. Written by the pseudonymous “Ramrod”, published in 1911, and containing graphic descriptions of all manner of deed and device, 'My Lustful Adventures' will be sure to titillate and tantalise today as it did over 100 years ago.


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