Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx

$ 60.00

Author: Max McCoy
Publisher: Bantam 0553561979
Year: 1999 Print: 1 Cover Price: $5.50
Condition: Near Fine. Not read
Genre: Fiction/Adventure
Pages: 197

It is the most coveted of all ancient artifacts. In it is written the history—and the fate—of every human being. And he who owns it writes his own destiny. Now Indiana Jones follows a trail of danger, magic, and archaeological mystery through the war-torn Orient, from Rangoon to the Egyptian desert, searching for the secret underground hiding place of the all-powerful Omega Book. But with a beautiful woman seeking her missing magician husband, and a vengeance-crazed Japanese spymaster hot on his heels, Indy is running out of time. If the Omega Book falls into the wrong hands, not only his own fate but the fate of the world will be at the mercy of a madman bent on writing humanity’s final chapter!

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