Child of the Sun

$ 15.00

Author: Kyle Onstott and Lance Horner
Publisher: Fawcett P2623
Year: 1972 Print: 1 Cover Price: $1.25
Condition: Very Good. Light wear. 
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 352

This brilliant and brutally intimate novel captures accurately the depravity and intrigue of Ancient Rome. CHILD OF THE SUN tells the story of the youth Varius Avitus Hassianus, destined to become Emperor of the Roman empire. Varius spurned women. His erotic longings searched out a very different kind of love. Whatever or whomever he fancied was quickly offered to him. And no man, be he soldier or citizen, dared refuse him. As his perverted passions grew more and more bizarre, even the voluptuaries of Rome recoiled In horror.

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